A few thoughts on cricket

Lamentably, this will be the second Test series in the Caribbean to be cancelled this year, with Sri Lanka already scrapping their two-Test rubber. Such incidents are a continuing trend ever since the IPL was conceptualised inwith every possible country now coming up with T20 leagues of their own. The cricket might be sidelined in this sham of a Twenty20 league, but the fat pay packets to everyone involved — right from players to commentators to columnists — mean that everything else falls second.

A few thoughts on cricket

It was an England side that itself is in transition and the tour marked a watershed for a few players. Expect jostling for places next summer, as it appears an open selection at the moment.

As for wicket-keepers, Bairstow has yet to convince as an international batsman and strikes me as a competent, rather than good wicket-keeper.

There are a number of alternatives, but Kieswetter has very bad days with the gloves remember Taunton last year? There is scope for someone to make a name for themselves with good displays in the early summer infor sure.

England were stymied by poor selection.

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Neither Tremlett nor Rankin, for me, are in the same league as Onions, who was omitted from the tour. A symbol of the disarray the side fell into was the selection of Carberry over Root for the final Test.

The latter is a player with a very bright future and exceptional talent and would always be in my side. We need to build the new side around Root, Broad, Anderson and, of course, Cook, with others to justify places on their county form. Few seem to justify a central contract at this stage.

Like many captains before him, he struggled to maintain his own game in a losing side and the pressure became too much for him.

In the absence of viable alternatives, he would remain my skipper, at least in the short term. He remains a batsman of high quality and will score many more international runs. Aberrations are, of course, more forgivable in a winning side, but while Pietersen may come again, regular injuries and the need for long-term reconstruction may dictate that his remaining international cricket is in the one-day format.

As for Australia, they did well and full marks to all concerned. That, for me is the issue with this side. When they return to defend the Ashes inthe key men in this side will be at the veteran stage, if selected.

Johnson will be 34, like Shane Watson, whose body may not stand the constant cricket in between, much the same as skipper Michael Clarke and seamer Peter Siddle.

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Can they hold back time? Having said that, Steve Smith fully justified my assertions over the past couple of years that he is a star in the making and will be the lynchpin of any future Australian elevens.

Down but not out The task is now on to rebuild the England team, but the Aussies will know full well that they only have eighteen months or so of this current side before they need to do the same.A few thoughts on the Ashes England were outplayed, out-thought and out-battled, but I'd not go so far down the line as some, in saying that this is a great Australian side.

Sure, they played some very good cricket, but insufficient preparation meant they started against an 'undercooked' England who never recovered. A few random thoughts about Park High School's cricket tour Whether you solely trade cricket or just want to occasionally dabble, here are a few strategies and angles of thought to get you started!

Starting on Cricket As with any sport, you need to understand the basics before putting money on the table. Cricket Thoughts: Scheduling. July 17, Yates. There are plenty of discussions going on about the state of the game and in particular the scheduling of games during the cricket season.

Yates has heard a fair few people say that the schedule is crazy and needs to be streamlined and is not unsympathetic to both sides of the discussion. Jan 14,  · 1. It is undeniable that Pant is displaying a rare, undeniably aggressive & successful batting talent.

That he will likely be a good-to-great batsman, is a distinct possibiilty. 2. Pant has kept wickets at the lower levels hes competed in, as well as the top levels hes played in so far.

Now t. The popularity of one-day cricket in the 70s and 80s saw the presence of a greater number of utility players. But while they did more than their bit in the limited overs game, they were under the.

A few thoughts on cricket
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