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China research paper online

It officially restricts couples to having only one child, while allowing exemptions for several cases, including davits, rural couples, ethnic minorities, and parents without any siblings themselves.

The policy was introduced in by the Chinese government to alleviate social, economic, and environmental problems in China and authorities claim that the policy has prevented more than million births from and million between Roach dad Silva, Pascal The Chinese government and many environmentalists claim that population control is essential if humanity is to move on to a more sustainable track Watts, In contrast, an article in The Age written by Peter CIA in July claims China research paper online the one child policy will not reap the desired benefits that the people of China are anticipating.

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Today, however, China faces the opposite problem: Thus, there is much controversy surrounding the policy in regards to its impact on overpopulation. What is more, recently in China, there has been not only a focus on the one child policy but also on smart growth, containment, urban growth boundaries, compactness, density and many other concerns.

The big encores in regards to overpopulation are the size and density of a population; the ratio of population to resources; whether these resources are available and sustainable and how resources get distributed -?

However, overpopulation is causing a negative impact beyond just the availability of resources.

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It is forcing China into a State where there is a lack of renewable and non- renewable resources; diminishing sustainable food and fresh water supply; growing disease; epidemics; overcrowding and environmental pollution.

Population densities are four times greater in the developing world than in the developed world. Developing nations are likely to more than triple their developed land areas by Bee, However, because China is a developed nation yet still so heavily populated, the carbon footprint of China is even greater.

The three main causes of pollution in China are industrialization; increased vehicle use and population growth.

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The more people consuming, the more waste results and more waste means more stress endured on the environment. Water supplies that are contaminated because of the mass amounts of waste continue to be consumed because of the human need for water to survive.

China research paper online

Hazardous waste is also causing major lath problems which are contributing to the many diseases and illnesses affecting humans. Overpopulation and the pollution that comes as a result of it, has an impact not only on quality and quantity of human life, but also on the worlds already diminishing sustainable food supply.

We are five years into a severe global food crisis that is not likely to ease until the global population has considerably declined from its likely peak of over nine billion people in China is running out of arable farmland and water resources necessary to feed its massive population.

The nation has one of the lowest ratios of arable land relative to population, and the situation has been exacerbated as industries consume scarce water resources necessary for farming. Ghana Ping, minister of the National Development and Reform Commission claims that acute shortages of reserve farmland and water resources are now the main restraints for the country to ensure its food security.

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In , total output volume of paper and paperboard in China was only 29 million tons while the number topped million tons in for the first time. IBM Research is the innovation engine of the IBM corporation.

It is the largest industrial research organization in the world with 12 labs on 6 continents. IBM Research defines the future of technology. This paper provides a logistics sector analysis of China. It first provides a country profile of the People's Republic of China and a brief look at its history.

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