E promotional strategies

This is why a great promotion strategy is vital if you want to grow your business. Some companies use more than one method, while others may use different methods for different marketing purposes. Contests Contests are a frequently used promotional strategy. The idea is to promote your brand and put your logo and name in front of the public rather than make money through a hard-sell campaign.

E promotional strategies

Communication through mass media, the firm will usually pay for this type of communication. Public Relations Developing a positive relationship between the organisation and the media and the public.

Good public relationships involves not only creating favourable publicity through the media but also involves minimising the impact of negative situations. Sales Promotion Promotions designed to create a short term increase in sales.

Examples of sales promotion include money off coupons, discount codes and "flash sales". Personal Selling Sales interaction between the firm's representative and a consumer on a one to one basis.

Direct Mail post and e-mail This involves sending marketing to a named individual or organisation. Firms often buy lists of names, e-mails and postal addresses for this purpose. This can be highly effective when the direct mail recipients are within the firm's target market.

Social Media Firms place daily messages on social media such as Facebook and Twitter to keep customers E promotional strategies in their organisation. They may even run promotions, flash sales and discounts just for their social media readers.

Sponsorship E promotional strategies organisation or event is paid to use your branding and logos. Sponsorship is commonly used in sporting events; player's clothing and stadiums will be covered in the firm's branding and even the tournament may be named after the firm.

Although effective sponsorship requires a large audience you may get smaller firms interested in local business sponsoring small events in their area e.

Firms need to carefully consider the message that their promotion strategy will be conveying to their target audience. What message will promotion activity send to the target audience and how will it impact on the firm's reputation?

The promotion's message should reinforce product benefits and help the firm to develop a positioning strategy for their products. Apples message strategy reinforces the quality that they are trying to create about their brand.

Mcdonalds message strategy is about the convenience of their products and the value they offer. What aspects of the promotional mix will the company use to implement their media strategy.

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Where will they promote it? Clearly the company must take into account the readership and general behaviour of their target audience before they select their media strategy. What newspapers do their target market read? What TV programmes do they watch? Targeting through effective media campaigns could save the company valuable financial resources.

Amazon is a good example of an organisation that uses a varied promotional mix, which includes, TV, online and print. Amazons media strategy reflects the diversity of their customers. Promotion Through The Product Life Cycle As products move through the four stages of the product life cycle different promotional strategies should be employed at these stages to ensure the healthy success and life of the product.

Promotion strategies that can be employed at each stage of the Product Life Cycle are as follows: Introduction When a product is new the organisation's objective will be to inform the target audience of its entry.

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Television, radio, magazine, coupons etc may be used to push the product through the introduction stage of the life cycle. Push and Pull Strategies will be used at this crucial stage.

Growth As the product becomes accepted by the target market at this stage of the life cycle the organisation will employ strategy to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.Marketing Strategies: Promotion, Advertising, and Public Relations Marketing Strategies: Promotion, Advertising, and Public a budget is set for the promotional.

So, this study focuses on e-promotional strategies needed for effective e-marketing. Keywords: e-marketing, e-promotional strategies, online promotional components. Jun 29,  · This is a promotional strategy that leverages your customer base as a sales force. Causes and Charity Promoting your products while supporting a cause can be an effective promotional strategy.

Sep 11,  · The post Promotional Strategies (i.e. printed and media) appeared first on Essay Paper UK. Do you need any assistance with this question? Jun 29,  · These examples of product promotional strategies are universally adaptable to any business that sells products and to many services.

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E promotional strategies
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