Lesson plan how to write a summary paragraph

Reading Activity It's a good idea to script out a lesson regarding how you want to approach your students on a topic. If a substitute needs to use the lesson, a scripted lesson will provide them with appropriate guidance. Begin by introducing the book and different ideas about the story to activate the students' prior knowledge of the subject matter.

Lesson plan how to write a summary paragraph

The mother of your next door friends is a 2nd grade teacher. You owe her "big time", because she buys you and her kids pizza and takes you out to a movie almost every weekend: Today, she came over to ask you a favor, and because of all she's done for you, you feel obligated to help out.

She told you that her 2nd grade students are going to be learning about the Middle Ages and Vikings. She knows you recently read Beowulf at school and thinks it would be "cool" if a "big kid" could come to her class to tell her students about Vikings and get them excited about learning.

HTross/LGomez SAUSD, Lesson Plan for Summary of Expository Text Purpose: Students must be able to reduce the important information and supporting details that describe the key parts of the text or topic in a paragraph form. Reading Lesson Plan – Cornell Notes Standard CCB. Determine the central ideas or conclusions of a text; summarize complex Complete a pre-assessment by providing a paragraph and asking students to both summarize and paraphrase information. have teams collaborate to write a brief summary statement at the bottom. You may limit. Lesson Plan #8– Direct Instruction. Summarizing and Synthesizing. Materials: Overhead projector, sticky notes, After writing the summary, write a paragraph about your thought and feelings concerning what happened in the chapters. Give your opinions and reflections.

She would like you to provide a paragraph of writing about Vikings and Beowulf for her 2nd graders to read. You will read the paragraph with them, and help them to understand it by answering questions afterwards. So, you found a website called Ducksters, which is designed to provide kids facts and information about history.

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The website has a great article all about Vikings, but it's a little too long and "advanced" for 2nd graders, so you decide that you're going to summarize it so that it is understandable to 2nd graders.

In a sentence paragraph, summarize the main ideas of the article "Vikings" from the Ducksters website. Include 2 or 3 key details evidence that support each main idea.

Explain the author's purpose for writing the text.

lesson plan how to write a summary paragraph

Also, identify the intended audience. To finish, connect this information about Vikings to the myth of Beowulf.

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Student Activities Approximate Time 1: To view lesson content click on the lesson zoom above.Plan your lesson in Creative and Narrative Writing and English / Language Arts with helpful tips from teachers like you.

Students will write a summary paragraph for a fiction story by identifying the most important events in the story. lesson plans - Objective: Today you will learn how to write summary notes.

Directions: Place an example of a paragraph on the benjaminpohle.com the paragraph aloud to the benjaminpohle.com archives lesson plans so you can easily find the lessons you need. The culminating lesson task is for students to use text evidence to independently write an objective summary of the final passage of the text.

lesson plan how to write a summary paragraph

CAUTIONS Connecticut teachers should be aware that the America Achieves website requires users to set up a free account to access all materials. • Remind students that you created a plan for writing a summary of Waiting for the Biblioburro in Lesson 3.

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Display the Display the Paragraph Writing Organizer: Sample for Waiting for the Biblioburro (from Lesson . Framed Paragraph: Lesson Closure to improve their understanding of what they read and to foster a greater understanding of the structural features of a summary.

See the lesson plan. Have students work together to answer summary questions and write responses. See the research that supports this strategy. Jones, R.

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(). Students can tell someone what they think the paragraph is about, or they can write it. state or write a connected summary using the important statements recorded during reading, and then describe how this section relates to the preceding and following sections.

TEKS Lesson Plan/Unit Plan.

Lesson Plans on Summary Writing Skills