Photos for writing prompts

Mirna, 10th grader This photo was entered by Mirna's teacher: Tovar Submit Writing Inspired by this Photo publishing students online is a celebration for them! You can publish student writing that was inspired by the photo at left!

Photos for writing prompts

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How to use photo prompts for writing - Simple Writing

As vivid as the moment seems at the time, memories fade. These prompts will help jog them.

Photos for writing prompts

Invite your older children to participate. There are no rules: Jot your thoughts in snippets or write them out diary-style.

Write about some of the fun things you used to do together. How old were you? What bits and pieces can you recall? When you were little, did you ever try to run away from home? What made you want to leave? What did you pack? How far did you get?

High School (Grades 9-12)

Use sight and smell words to describe it. Describe the most unusual or memorable place you have lived. Did you have your own bedroom growing up, or did you share with a sibling? Were you shy as a child? Describe several of your childhood character traits. How did those qualities show themselves?

Are you still that way today? What childhood memories of your mother and father do you have? Describe a couple of snapshot moments. Write about a holiday memory. Where did you go? What did you do? What foods do you remember? Describe your favorite hideaway.

Did you attend a traditional school, or were you educated at home? Describe a school-related memory. Describe both the incident and the feelings they created. Have you ever needed stitches, broken a bone, or been hospitalized?

Describe a childhood injury or illness. Describe one or two of them. Describe your most memorable family vacation. Did something exciting or unusual happen?Descriptive Writing Picture Prompts.

Using writing prompts with photos to teach descriptive writing is an effective exercise. Teach your students to use concrete, or sensory, detail with three thought-provoking photos with writing prompts and notes on using sensory detail.

Where will a painting writing prompt take you? Photo Writing Prompt: Find Your Story in a Painting. by Monica M.

Clark Take fifteen minutes to tell the story of what you see in the photo, which includes an image of the famous Girl With a Pearl Earring in the background. Great resource for journal & photo writing prompts. Appropriate for middle/high school. Imagine the creative writing that could be sparked from these pics!

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Including Hundreds more Hi – RES prompts Writing Graphic organizers and tools to support the. During summer break kids, of all ages, can really get creative with their writing. I’ve done a few posts with lists of writing prompts for diaries, journals, and stories, 83 Teen Writing Prompts and 77 More Teen Writing I want to share another great way to get minds thinking by using photos as writing prompts.

Visual Writing Prompts – Teach Starter