The fate of a creative person

Do you have to be born a creative person?

The fate of a creative person

Who are creative people? What role do they play in our society? Creativity refers to the phenomenon whereby a person creates something new a product, a solution, a work of art etc. According to this definition we may conclude that creative persons are those people who are able to produce something new that has some kind of value, both personal and public.

On the other hand, some researches show that many people can create something only when their life is full of hardships and difficulties. To my mind this fact proves that the fate of creative persons has interested people since long ago.

All these characters have both similar and different traits: He was a young, poor but giving great hopes biologist when he first saw Kitty and married her, thinking that he really loved her.

The fate of a creative person

As the novel progresses Walter starts to understand that marriage with Kitty was the greatest mistake in his life. At first he put all the blame for distraction of their marriage on Kitty. But later Walter realizes that part of the blame was on him, it was he who proposed to Kitty without getting to know her properly.

The Wicked Person

Walter tries to find the escape from the problems in science. This trip became a crucial moment both for Kitty and Walter, from this moment they started to understand and respect each other. Days and nights Walter spends at the laboratory trying to find the cure. I think he would be also devoted to a family if he had a good one.

May be Walter hoped even that everything can be good in the near future, he notices that Kitty changes, she becomes more thoughtful, more sensible.

Mar 02,  · I'm writing a story in which every person is born with a gift. The main character, Nevaeh, was born with the gift of deciding fate. At 16 she was brought to this mountain where here and the rest of the recruits are to be trained to properly use their gifts to help mankind. Mar 04,  · The world is a creative person's oyster -- they see possibilities everywhere and are constantly taking in information that becomes fodder for creative expression. While many other signs have their creative sides, Pisces is without question the most creative of all signs. Individuals born with a Pisces sun sign tend to be deeply gifted in one or many creative pursuits.

Shortly after that Walter dies, supposedly in the result of experiments that he carries out in himself trying to find the cure. So, from the example of this hero we can see that sometimes people of great creative potential are too devoted to their occupation, they are very successful in their job, but suffer in everyday life, being unable to accommodate to it.

Another example of a creative person in literature is Masui Ono, an elderly man who devoted his life to paintings. His creativity, his art had a destructing character.

But later when he matured, when he realized that his country was in crisis, that poverty and famine were progressing, Masui decided to do everything he could to help people. In his pictures he calls people to join the army and help Germany to lead the war, hoping that the win in it will help his country to overcome all the difficulties.

In the period of reconstruction such people like Ono become outcast, some of them even commit suicide, some of them are too old and just spend their last years in loneliness. Ono in comparison with such people is not lonely, he has a family: He never stays at home alone, his elder daughter very often comes to visit him.

So, the tragedy of such people like Masui Ono is that they failed to give their gift the right direction.Summary.

The fate of a creative person

In this critically acclaimed and ground-breaking book, first published in , Henry Reynolds presented a landmark reassessment of the 19th century ‘black wars’ between the Tasmanian Aborigines and the white settlers. While many other signs have their creative sides, Pisces is without question the most creative of all signs.

Individuals born with a Pisces sun sign tend to be deeply gifted in one or many creative pursuits. The future of ideas: the fate of the commons in a connected world / Lawrence Lessig. p. cm. Includes index.

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achievement tests measures that evaluate a . Sure, it's possible for everyone to nurture his or her creative side, but honest observation shows that fresh ideas come more easily to some people than to others.

The world would be a dreadful place without creative people. Could you even imagine life without art? The thought alone makes me tremble. Could you be the next William Shakespeare, Steven Spielberg, or J.K. Rowling? Find out with these 20 signs you’re a creative person. Creative types don’t.

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