The rough riders essay

The volunteers were gathered in four areas: Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

The rough riders essay

Towards the end of the nineteenth century, William McKinley defeated Grover Cleveland for the presidency and there was a huge push for the United States of America to expand beyond its continental boarders. American sympathy was with the Cubans who were rebelling against the corrupt and evil Spanish overlords.

The first reason was being economic. Although the American people wanted to act, McKinley, and Cleveland before him, wanted to remain neutral. Roosevelt disagreed with the decision and was convinced the United States should fight for the independence and civil liberties of Cuba. Reform would not come in enough time.

Several events determined the destiny of Spain.

The Rough Riders Essay Sample

The first was being a letter intercepted in February of by a Cuban revolutionary agent and turned over to the New York Journal. The next chain of events would prove to be disastrous for Spain.

Still Roosevelt argued intensely for war but McKinley waited for terms for change. Without proper authority, Roosevelt cabled Commodore Dewey, the head of the American Naval forces, to hold the Spanish fleet on the Philippine islands and to be prepared for war by keeping plenty of munitions and coal aboard his vessels.

It was later determined that an inner coal fire was the cause of the explosion. With the report of the underwater mine racing across the country, on April 11President McKinley delivered his War speech to Congress. Alger, the Secretary of War, was ready to place Roosevelt as the head of one of the regiments, but Roosevelt declined the offer and proposed that his friend Leonard Wood, a young Army surgeon, should be given the command.

Roosevelt settled for the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. On the other side of the spectrum, from the East came adventurous college boys from Harvard, polo-players, and Long Island fox hunters. They wore their blue shirts, loosely knotted handkerchiefs around their necks, brown pants, and leggings, boots and slouched-brimmed hats that quickly became the regiments trademark.

The rifles they carr!

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Sabers, the traditional symbol of the cavalry were not issued because of their ineffectiveness in battle. They did not want people to think they were some kind of sideshow. Dewey sailed from Hong Kong with his squadron and on the night of April 30, he slipped into Manilla Bay, where the Spanish fleet lay at anchor.

The Spanish fleet was successfully destroyed. Now it was time for the ground troops to make their way to Cuba for the land war. Lack of transportation and horrible accommodations made the journey from Key West, Flordia very difficult and uneasy for men who were mostly used to being on open pastures, not open waters.The Rough Riders.

The rough riders essay

The Rough Riders were considered as one of the unconventional cavalries in the Spanish-American War. They all came from many places, Arizona, New York, Texas, and so on. They had all come from different ways of life, rich or poor.

But all of them were excited for war. The Rough Riders' charge up San Juan Hill on July 1, was the most famous moment of the Spanish-American War, a conflict that has come down in history as "a splendid little war." It was the event that thrust Colonel Theodore Roosevelt - who had resigned his position as secretary of the Navy to form the regiment - into the national spotlight, from which he was never to stray.

The Rough Riders Essay Sample The 1 st United States Volunteer Cavalry, or the “Rough Riders”, were mustered into service between May 1 st and May 21 st, in locations in Texas, New Mexico, and the “Indian Territories”. Rough Riders Essays: Over , Rough Riders Essays, Rough Riders Term Papers, Rough Riders Research Paper, Book Reports.

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The rough riders essay

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ROUGH RIDERS Ben Kerfoot 3/7/02 Per. 5 The Rough Riders were the most famous of all the units fighting in Cuba during the Spanish, American war. The Spanish, American war started by America wanting to expand their influence in the western hemisphere.

Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt: Rough Riders