The thames gateway essay

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The thames gateway essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Governements Use Fiscal Policy to Help Them Achieve Their Macroeconomic Objectives Explain what is meant by this statement and discuss specific fiscal measures that the UK government has implemented in recent years to influence economic activity in the built environment.

The flow of government money in and out of the treasury. Sustained economic growth 3. Balance of payments between imports and exports keeping money within the country as well as spending abroad 5.

The fiscal measures looked at in this essay will be taken from onwards. This is a method used in a recession to stimulate the economy by providing each household with more disposable income, which can be used for consumption expenditures, which then stimulates aggregate production.

It also decreases unemployment, which leads to further increases in income.

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There The thames gateway essay two types of fiscal policy, Expansionary and Contrationary. When the government needs to stimulate the economy by increasing public spending then they will decrease taxes so that each household has more disposable income to be spent on consumer goods.

In turn this puts more money back into the economy, creating more jobs and encouraging economic growth. An increase in aggregate demand leads to a higher inflation as there is more money being spent on limited goods and services, which pushes the prices up. To counteract this the government decreases taxation and spending, so that consumer households have less disposable income to spend on goods and services, this decreases aggregate demand and brings inflation back down with it.

To achieve a balance of stable prices the government must mediate between the two. The Stamp Duty holiday was introduced in September whereby properties worth between? The intention of the holiday was to boost demand in the property market by encouraging first time buyers to take advantage of the saving and buy a house.

More money is then borrowed as people take advantage of this, which has the effect of boosting the mortgage market as well. Buyers have saved million from the holiday rather than the million the government forecasted. The success is questionable as the incentive was supposedly directed at lower income areas to the North, the Midlands, Wales and Scotland where as, the majority of the benefits have gone to the richer areas in the SE.

As this area in particular was hit by the recession the least and where the housing market is the strongest, the governmental loss of the taxation seems to have been wasted. The holiday ended on the 31st December Although there has been a brief stimulation in the current housing market the number of transactions is still at an all time low.

The figures may fall further now that stamp duty has been reinstated, meaning that the government may have to explore other options. The tax addresses the environmental damage caused by these business activities in the form of noise, dust and loss of biodiversity.

The Levy was introduced on the 1st April setting out to address the macroeconomic objective of environmental protection while trying to retain sustainable economic growth. The idea is that the tax should make the cost of the aggregates better reflect the cost to the environment and should therefore influence business decisions to become more eco-friendly and efficient.

The common object of development is to keep the cost as low as possible, to have a minimal construction period and to have the best quality possible. With increased taxation on these materials investors may become more cautious due to the rising cost, which is to be kept as low as possible, therefore there is a possibility of the UK losing international business.

This is just part of the problem between economic growth and environmental protection as both have the potential to hinder the other. However some of the tax revenue accumulated will go towards a sustainability fund. This will be spent through various agencies to promote new innovative ways to protect the environment and provide good quality construction at the same time.

Both have helped to make businesses greener which agrees with the macroeconomic objective of Environmental protection.Go East: Unlocking the Potential of the Thames Estuary makes the case for a more focused and staged approach to the development of the Thames Gateway.

Lead by former Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis, and with contributions from leading developers, planners, policymakers and academics, this collection of essays sets out a series of.

Aeon email newsletters are issued by the not-for-profit, registered charity Aeon Media Group Ltd (Australian Business Number 80 ). Syndicate this Essay. From , the majority of such goods to enter Britain will come via the Thames Estuary and the London Gateway port, exerting their toll on the environment and local ecology.

The Thames flows through or alongside Ashton Keynes, Crick lade, Lech lade, Oxford, Abingdon, Wallingford, Goring-on-Thames, Reading, Henley-on-Thames, Marlow, Maidenhead, Windsor, Eton, Stains, Sunbury, Weighbridge and Thames Ditto before entering the Greater London area.

Thames River has its length of km ( mile). My development is located in East London along the famous River Thames in South Newham. It neighbours the River Thames ant The Royal Docks. Urban Regeneration is basically bringing good again to something that has economically declined.

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The thames gateway essay

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