What were the responses of the

Offered police to monitor hard-hit areas. Offered rescue workers, doctors and nurses. Made offers of help and assistance. Offered to send troops to help keep order in New Orleans.

What were the responses of the

The assembly agreed to comply before the Act took effect. The blandness of this list belies the impact of the acts and the implied ultimatum from Parliament—submit or else. For in passing the Townshend Acts, stresses historian Forrest MacDonald, "Britain was making the most dangerous of all political blunders: Until that moment, the imperial system had worked, and it had worked precisely because it had never been clearly defined.

When British troops were sent to Boston to enforce order, all felt that a line had been crossed. After renewed violence two years later in see Section 6but primarily due to the demands of strapped British merchants, Parliament repealed the Townshend Acts—except for the tax on tea, which generated the most revenue and served as a symbol of parliamentary authority.

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Might it be, as David Ramsay mused inthat had Parliament repealed the Acts in their entirety, the "union of the two countries might have lasted for ages"? Colonists respond to the Townshend Acts As there is ample material for group study and presentation, the selections are designed to be divided among students and not assigned in their entirety.

What were the responses of the

Colonists respond to the Quartering Act For the Seeds of Liberty are universally sown there, and nothing can eradicate them. In twelve essays published in colonial newspapers in andJohn Dickinson bemoaned the complacency exhibited by Americans after the repeal of the Stamp Act and urged them to wake up and resist the encroaching subjugation of Parliament.

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Or why may not every colony be treated in the same manner, when any of them shall dare to deny their assent to any impositions that shall be directed? Every law passed by Parliament relating to the colonies, including the imposition of taxes, has been based upon its authority to regulate trade — every law, that is, except the Stamp Act, which was passed simply to raise revenue.

For many colonists, this distinction was critical: Parliament can legitimately tax the colonies to regulate trade but not to raise revenue. Since the Townshend duties required colonists to buy the taxed goods from Britain alone, there was no competition, no trade to regulate, and thus the duties were unconstitutional.

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It was the first time the British government had resorted to military force to impose its will on America. Illustrations of this event are among the few American-created images of the early revolutionary era, so dramatic was the effect on the colonial psyche.

This effect is apparent if you turn on your eighteenth-century eyes in the three depictions presented here, one by Paul Revere and two by Christian Remick, a sailor and occasional artist.The responses of bride and groom were unhesitating, even firm.

Ruggles of Red Gap. Harry Leon Wilson. Neither do they disdain to consult them, nor neglect the responses which they return.


Tacitus on Germany. Tacitus. No one dropped the ring or mispronounced the . The first round of responses were published in the s in response to the criticisms of inexperienced apologists who had a limited understanding of biblical truth and even less of the ministry of Witness Lee.

What were the responses of the

This second compilation offers documents illustrating Americans' opposition to (1) the Quartering Act of , which required colonial assemblies to provide funds for the food, provisions, and housing (in unoccupied buildings) of British troops, and (2) their response to the threatened suspension of the New York assembly for refusing to fully comply .

Responses to European Imperialism. The people of the Non-Western World experienced a painful crisis of identity at the hands of European imperialists, primarily due to the power as well as the arrogance of their white intruders.

The initial response of the people of Africa and Asia was to attempt to drive out the intruders. All available resources were moved to safe areas so relief efforts could begin immediately after the storm passed.

More than emergency response vehicles (ERVs) and countless other Red Cross resources were sent to provide hot meals, snacks, bottled water and distribute other much-needed relief supplies.

According to the European Commission, one week after the disaster, on September 4, , the United States officially asked the European Union for emergency help, asking for blankets, emergency medical kits, water and , food rations for victims.

Help proposed by EU member states was coordinated through their crisis center.

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